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Meaningful Learning: Learning that connects with real life, has a certain relevance or purpose, and is applicable.

If we give children opportunities to see the magic of the universe around them and to learn each

subject in depth, the vast majority of children will be motivated.

For a child to truly understand and apply what they learn, meaningful learning is necessary. When a child understands how their learning will be useful to them at that moment, and not just when they grow up, then they can give it a useful purpose and apply it to their life.


To truly comprehend what one studies, application is vital, and good application involves familiarizing children with experts in different subjects and putting them in contact with their respective industries. We will achieve this through guided visits to different companies and places where children can see how what they learned in the classroom works in real life and apply it to their lives.

The emphasis is on being able to apply what is learned. The goal is to carry out a comprehensive project that solves a problem relevant to them, incorporating various disciplines and having a real impact on their group, whether it's their class, family, school, society, etc. The level of impact increases as the child's responsibility grows. Also, the visits will increase as the child grows.

We will be giving children the opportunity for comprehensive development and the ability to think with the information they receive and apply it.

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