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Educating through Challenges

We believe that it is imperative for children from a young age to be in continuous motion and engaged in physical activities that require a high level of skill for the development of their physical faculties to their fullest potential.

Our environment includes a physical training area with specific goals to achieve and intelligent purposes for development. It's an area with activities like climbing, balancing, navigating obstacles to reach the other side, jumps, floor movements, etc., and all of them serve an intelligent purpose; a reason for existence that gives the child the possibility of development. This is what we mean when we talk about smart movement.

Although these techniques develop in children the necessary physical skills for their adequate performance and psychomotor development, exercises like climbing also develop problem-solving skills in children since having different paths to achieve the same result makes them think in a versatile way and not get stuck on a single path to reach where they want to go. It also develops decision-making by evaluating the path they want to take, carrying out the action, and taking responsibility for the consequences. Lastly, it fosters determination, persistence, creativity, and independence.

Movement alone does not aid in development. What helps are movements that have an intelligent purpose.

Movement with an intelligent purpose will result in self-control and improvement.

We aim to educate through challenges. Confronting them physically and mentally every day so that they can solve any situation that arises in life.


Movement is life… That's why we use movement as an integral and essential part of our educational program.\

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